Impakt "Düvel-Tour" 2009

From 17th - 19th of July the Impakt Rats were on tour around Belgium. 1st stop was Brussels to party the shit out with the graphic Zombie hellZo and the belgian Yama Rat David Martelleur. Great fun untill everyone woke up totally wasted and puking somwhere in the streets of Brussels on the next morning. Some play for fashion, we choose to burn shit. Now we're livin'!

A few beers later it was time to stop the stinky tour van in Kortrijk. A sick Team Pain concrete Bowlpark with nice trannies to sleep on... The lousy locals were pretty fucked about our rotten "Berber-Style". Empty beer cans and trash was spread out all over the place after seconds. Who cares? After lurking around the whole day a good evening sesh was going on... It was fuckin' raining that night, so everybody hided himself under a Junkie bridge. Good night surrounded by injections and shit...