Hippies Use Side Door Tour 2010

This pic is the highway opener of a gnarly tour to our belgian friends, the Collektif Brusk. A 3 day skate terror trip from Brussel, Mechelen to Antwerp followed. Bones still hurting...


New Impakt Skateboards ad at Confusion Magazine

Check out the new Impakt ad with a big ass acid drop by Abrieb Riepelsiep.
For NO info: impaktskateboards.de


Some Abriss Session

Some pictures of our Most-Valuable-Rider 2009: "Abriss" Rüpelsiep. Pictures were taken at one of the good sessions we had during last winter in the O.M.S.A. bowl in Neuss (DD). Pic's by j.hay. Check: confuzine.com


Nothin' like a cheap holiday in Austria!

Tatbestand: Ein Glasgebinde zum Zwecke der Verwendung eingebracht.
(Brew of the tour: Mohrenbräu)


Alcohol has a new voice!

Teamrider JanAbolika sets some things straight about JoGun... Watch it!


Highway to hell

Impakt teamrider Jo and his friends René and Robert hit the highway 666 to the new Jesus skatepark in Siegen to kick some christian asses...


El Moustachos

Once again the Impakt Moustachos slashed a Party with their filthy attitude!

Got taped: Jo Gun, Krötus and Crazy Jan


Impakt "Stückle" Tour 2009

From August 13th until 16th 2009, the Impakt team went to Hard am Bodensee (AT). We started on thursday night, drove 6 hours through the rain and after celebrating Jan'abolika's birthday on the road we finally arrived in Hard. After embarassing ourselves and the local people at a shitty salsa club we went to the skatepark and - yee haw - it was dry. So we got back to our routine, drunk, skated, grilled and chilled till the dawn. When we got up there were 28°C. We slashed the whole damn day and just stopped to jump into the big lake which is directly next to the skatepark. 
After another booze drenched night we drove to Ostfildern near Stuttgart. We all were pretty cracked, but again a little nice sesh started. Epo-Jo killed the 11 stairs-set like nothing. Afterwards we drove to Heilbronx and visited Sergej Vutuc. Of course we filled our brains another night with booze and started the day with some shredding at a rusty junkyard. Afterwards Sergej (thanks again for hosting us) organized a little bbq at a new local skatepark. Everyone of the Impakt crü was too exhausted to skate, except Epo-Jo ripped the shit out again and stoked the kids with huge 180 Kickflips over the main table. Later on it was time to get back into civilisation, so we hit the road again and after another 4 houres in the stinky tour van our lazy bones arrived back in Cologne. Best summer trip 2009!!!

Booze Crü

Jan'Abolika FS Bomb

Alf - Human Hakenkreuz


Tobi "Stückle" Hees - FS Smithin' it

Aries - another Acid mission... tbc

Jo - 11 stairs on Erythropoetin

Yunkyart crashing at 40C°

Epo Jo - BS 180

New Impakt Ad

The photo was shot at the Siegburg Minus bowl and just transformed into a new Impakt ad for Sergej Vutuc's fanzine...

Impakt @ Siegburg Bowl

On 25-08-2009 we were visiting the new bowl in Siegburg, a tiny little speedhole built by Matt Grabowski and Minus-Ramps & Pools. It was raining when we arrived, so we stopped at another park under a bridge in Troisdorf. After the rain stopped we went back to the bowl. A random woman from the neighborhood asked if we need some stuff to clean it up so she brought us a broom and towels. Thanx Granny! Pretty fucked up, 'cause around the bowl there are little stones and sand to fill up the place (this crap in a bowl: what a deathtrap!). After whiping out the shit we skated for two hours and there was - luckily - no more rain. Even some nice pictures emerged:

Jo Gun killin' it!

Another Smith from Krötus aka Mr. Facegrind


Impakt "Düvel-Tour" 2009

From 17th - 19th of July the Impakt Rats were on tour around Belgium. 1st stop was Brussels to party the shit out with the graphic Zombie hellZo and the belgian Yama Rat David Martelleur. Great fun untill everyone woke up totally wasted and puking somwhere in the streets of Brussels on the next morning. Some play for fashion, we choose to burn shit. Now we're livin'!

A few beers later it was time to stop the stinky tour van in Kortrijk. A sick Team Pain concrete Bowlpark with nice trannies to sleep on... The lousy locals were pretty fucked about our rotten "Berber-Style". Empty beer cans and trash was spread out all over the place after seconds. Who cares? After lurking around the whole day a good evening sesh was going on... It was fuckin' raining that night, so everybody hided himself under a Junkie bridge. Good night surrounded by injections and shit...


Latest Impakt Ad

This picture for the latest Impakt ad was shot 2008 by Roadie in Antwerp (Belgium) on a secret fullpipe spot somewhere near the harbour. Teamrider Jan Wermes ollies the gap with a gnarly blindside to fakie way over 9, while some honky tonky knee slider peeps into the shot! This pic gave us a boot right into our rusty asses...


New Board Design by eLZo!

New Baord Design by eLZo, an incredible artist from Bruxelles (Belgium). Check his Website an get flashed by his sick and special artwork...

8.0" / 8.25" silkscreen printed, limited as fuck series comming very soon... Get them in Cologne @ the Wasted Box / Distribution or at your true local Sk8shop!