Impakt @ Siegburg Bowl

On 25-08-2009 we were visiting the new bowl in Siegburg, a tiny little speedhole built by Matt Grabowski and Minus-Ramps & Pools. It was raining when we arrived, so we stopped at another park under a bridge in Troisdorf. After the rain stopped we went back to the bowl. A random woman from the neighborhood asked if we need some stuff to clean it up so she brought us a broom and towels. Thanx Granny! Pretty fucked up, 'cause around the bowl there are little stones and sand to fill up the place (this crap in a bowl: what a deathtrap!). After whiping out the shit we skated for two hours and there was - luckily - no more rain. Even some nice pictures emerged:

Jo Gun killin' it!

Another Smith from Krötus aka Mr. Facegrind